Aquarium Rental

Why It Makes Sense

Enhancing your surroundings with an aquarium does not need to be stressful or costly.

Waterbox guides and assists you through the whole rental process, ensuring that it is right for you.

Initially, we will visit you for an on-site consultation to advise on the size and best location for your aquarium to achieve maximum impact.

Owning an aquarium can lead to unforeseen costs. A rental option provides a fixed monthly cost with no hidden surprises along the way.

We ensure everything is included in the package, right down to providing you with the correct fish food. Some low-quality fish food can be very polluting to the water which causes terrible algae issues.

Cleaning? We take care of it. We will ensure your tank looks great at all times.

As a rental customer, we cover all ongoing maintenance costs. This includes servicing the filter, which is the life support system of the tank. We also replace any worn or faulty parts free of charge for the duration of your rental contract.

The time-consuming aspect of choosing compatible and colourful fish that are healthy, disease free, don’t outgrow the tank and, very importantly, do not eat each other is all taken care of by us.

We offer fully maintained aesthetically pleasing complete aquariums for you or your clients to enjoy at home or in the office, without having to lift a finger.

For a fixed low monthly fee, we provide you with your tank and cabinet, fish, equipment, servicing and maintenance all tied up in one simple rental agreement.

We have a wide variety of tank shapes, styles and packages to fit your needs and we offer a satisfaction guarantee. If you are not happy, for whatever reason, we will remove the aquarium unconditionally.

The best part is that our complete packages prices start from only £3.17 per day.

Our experience manages all your risk.

Aquarium Maintenance

What we can offer you

The maintenance service provided by Waterbox can be broken down into two halves. Tropical fish and cold water, which includes goldfish, are all under one banner. Marine fish, coral and invertebrates fall under the other.

We can provide a full maintenance package for all types of fish. These range from a fully managed option which includes a weekly visit with all aspects of the tank’s maintenance being taken care of by us, including all the cleaning and stocking the tank. We supply everything that required and can advise on a theme to change the look of your tank, or just get on with it as it is.

For regular service packages, the visit frequency required is discussed with you as each situation has different demands. Some may only require a monthly visit to service the filter, etc, while others may require two visits per month to keep things looking good.

We also proved a deep clean service. If a tank has been left for a while without much care, for whatever reason, and needs a full strip down and restarting, we can completely refurbish it. We can supply all that needs replacing or upgrading. This service will normally require an initial onsite inspection, and then we can provide a quote for the renovation.

For Tropical and cold water goldfish tank maintenance:

Basic service includes:

Clean the glass inside and out, removing algae etc.

A water change, to freshen and clarify.

Hover the sand or gravel, to remove detritus, fish waste and uneaten food.

Clean the decoration, including cleaning rocks, plastic plants, ornaments, etc.

Pruning overgrown plants and removing any dead leaves.

Striping and service the filter, highlighting any wear and tear, replacing worn out filter media.

Install any new equipment provided or sourced by Waterbox.

Aquascape the tank to look modern and natural, or to suit a particular theme.

Advise on any changes and upgrades required, which covers all aspects of hardware and livestock additions.

For Saltwater marine aquarium maintenance:

Basic service includes:

Clean the glass inside and out removing algae etc.

Perform a water change, with salt water which we can supply.

Check the specific gravity of the water and make appropriate adjustments, if “reverse osmosis water” is required we can provide this.

Refill the automatic top-up reservoir.

Adjust and clean the protein skimmer.

Clean and tidy up the sump.

Advise on any changes or upgrades required.

Make recommendations on new fish, coral and invertebrates and also supply new additions.

Additional services:

Adjust and maintain dosing pumps.

Adjust the calcium reactor, including carbon dioxide.

Aquascaping where we can give your tank a contemporary look, by changing around what you have or providing new rock and corals.

Test the water quality and interpret the results, and advises on changes required.

Holiday Care

one less thing to worry about

When you go away on holiday the question which is always asked is “Who is going to look after the pets?”

Although for the cat and dog its a pretty simple, you can send them off to the kennels, or ask friendly neighbour to pop in, fish are almost always overlooked. If you have spent a small fortune on your aquarium and it’s inhabitants surely its worth considering some holiday care?

Leaving your aquarium in your neighbours, or friends, care isn’t an option. The possibility of arriving home to an overfed aquarium with dead fish is very real. At Waterbox Aquariums we understand this and we also know how expensive holidays can be.

So we have two main holiday services, which are also discounted for our existing customers:

Drop-in Service

15 minute time slot
We feed the fish and check everything is running fine
The drop-in is scheduled around our other jobs to keep the costs at an absolute minimum
The drop-in can either be just a single visit or multiple visits throughout the week

In-depth Holiday Service

1 Hour time slot
Similar to our standard aquarium maintenance service which includes an aquarium clean and water change
Fish feeding and conducting any extra maintenance tasks such as cleaning a protein skimmer

Our holiday care is bespoke to you, and the two above services can be combined, which would ensure the aquarium is looking its best on your return from holiday.

Most importantly, your aquarium is one less thing to worry about while you are away.

Supply of Fish and Equipment

Providing everything you need

At Waterbox Aquariums we are your number one source for premium aquarium supplies in Hampshire, Dorset, Wiltshire and West Sussex with a full range of fish and equipment since 2005. We pride ourselves on our product knowledge and recommendations that keep our customers coming back.

Whether you are setting up a nano aquarium, a betta bowl, or a massive reef tank, we can provide, deliver, and install everything you need.

We advise on and supply your new fish, coral and shrimp, plus will guide you on the best equipment and upgrades you need for the aquarium you already own.

Waterbox Aquariums can provide you with a tank that is best suited for your environment as well as all the aquarium equipment needed, such as protein skimmers, air pumps, water pumps and powerheads, a full line of CO2 Supplies, calcium reactors, aquarium lighting, fish food, refugiums, aquarium filters, aquarium heaters, right down to the water.

Let us help you when choosing your fish. We know what will look good and feel at home in your tank of choice, so instead of looking at a catalogue, we will make bespoke recommendations for you to consider, and then bring your new fish to their new home.