Fish Pedicure Tank Cleaning

Are you a beauty salon or business offering Fish Pedicures or Foot Therapy?

To maximise your investment and extend the life of the Garra Rufa fish you need the help of Waterbox, the south of England’s Number 1 Garra Rufa expert.

Our professional and reliable maintenance service provides you with the specialist maintenance that the Garra Rufa fish and tanks need to ensure that the fish are well kept and healthy.

Fish that don’t feel well – won’t eat!

You may have been told when you bought your Fish Pedicure system that all you need to do is change the water…this simply is not true.

Your Fish Pedicure system will need cleaning, water change, filtration cleaning and the fish will need to be observed by someone with the knowledge to ensure they are healthy.

With our expertise and experience you can concentrate on looking after your customers whilst relying on us to take care of the filtration and cleaning, we are also always on hand to provide any advice you need.

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