Aquarium Training

Commercial Customers? Waterbox can offer In-Store Staff Training!

With many many years of experience working within the aquatic trade as well as keeping up to date with all the latest qualifications in Aquatics and Ornamental Fish Keeping you can rely on us to train your staff to the highest standard.

Customer Service Training … without customers you don’t have a business!

Even the best Customer Service can always be improved and built upon. You need to know what your customers might be thinking! We can look from the outside in and help you to know and understand what they are thinking.

Staff Education … We will take everything we know from the Customer Service Training and teach your staff how this relates to them as an individual and also as a team. Does your staff know their strengths and weaknesses? With our help and guidance they can learn how to turn the weaknesses into strengths and their strengths even stronger.

System Management … Your sales tanks are vital and you need to get the best from them. With our advice your staff can learn how to stock them to their most efficient capacity.

Where to buy from …We can help you and put you in touch with the right suppliers and importers.

Please just Contact Us to discuss your requirements – we would love to hear from you.