Aquarium Maintenance

Have a tank already? Does it need freshening up? Want someone to take care of the hard work?

Waterbox are the specialists for you. We have a wealth of knowledge so can look after your aquarium no matter what type, style or setup. We can visit you on a regular basis or ad-hock, whichever suits you best.

What can you expect us to do? We will…

  • Make sure your fish and tank are nice and healthy
  • Test and change the water
  • Clean the glass inside and out so you can enjoy a clear view
  • Hoover gravel and sand
  • Service the filters
  • Aqua scaping

We can also help with the following…

  • Re stock with fish coral and plants
  • Re stock/replace filter sponges, foods and treatments

Maintenance can cost as little as £35. Please feel free to Contact Us to discuss a quote.

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