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Aquarium rental

Get the best out of an Aquarium without getting your hands wet!

You can enjoy all the benefits of having a display in your home, office, restaurant, surgery or shopping centre without having to do any of the hard work!

Everything is included in the one monthly fee – the tank, the fish, we can supply all kinds of fish including tropical, marine, reef and cold water and most importantly the cleaning (as often as you need), restocking and maintenance of the tank.

Relax!…Fish have been proven to lower your blood pressure and help you to relax so an Aquarium would be a perfect choice.

There are numerous themes for your aquarium and we are more than happy to advise you on what will enhance and compliment your surroundings.

Commercial Customer? Good News! There are many tax benefits you can take advantage of, so consult your accountant for the exact details.

An aquarium is so versatile it can be placed anywhere at any time and for any length of time – even if you are looking for a short term contract for an exhibition, a film or television programme we can help you.
Prices start from as little as £1.50 a day!

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